The Introductory Module This is the entry level for all trainees.  Trainees have the opportunity to experience  the approach from a personal perspective and to learn by observing skilled leadership through their participation in a group experience with members of the training faculty leading the group.  Trainee participation in the group process provides real data for exploring, grounding and elaborating basic Gestalt concepts, as well as a realistic foundation for the introductory texts and syllabus to build a practical knowledge base.   Introductory and Advanced levels may be integrated with separate lecture sessions, in the event of small numbers of trainees. Individual Modules Eight individual modules focus on skills necessary to conduct individual psychotherapy. Supervised individual work with other trainees is critiqued as to therapist style, effectiveness of interventions, choice points and integration.  Therapeutic issues for discussion will evolve out of the individual work.  Faculty members may elect to take over the therapy process for demonstration purposes.  Specialized modules, some of which may be led by experts outside the GIGC faculty, may be offered from time to time and trainees will be given credit for participation in these modules as part of the training program. The Group Modules Gestalt therapy and philosophy lends itself to a group approach to healing and a consideration of the role of one’s community for healthy functioning.  The group modules will focus on fundamentals of group dynamics, development, and leadership from a Gestalt perspective.  Each trainee will lead a minimum of one two-hour group session with a critique and feedback provided by the supervising faculty as well as the group participants. 
Admission Requirements include a Masters Degree with a basic academic background provided in an undergraduate degree in human services.  An application and an interview are required for admission to the program.  The Program Structure will emphasize applied skills and therapeutic strategies.  It includes eight modules leading to certification by the Institute as a Gestalt Psychotherapist.  Trainees may elect to take selected modules for continuing education credits, providing the introductory module is successfully completed. 
Certification in Gestalt Psychotherapy
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